Nothing New Under the Sun

What we are experiencing today in America and around the world is much like what Israel experienced during the time of Hosea.  Citizens, including the people of God and their leaders, forsaking the Lord and reaping the consequences.

I recently studied chapter 4 of the book of Hosea, here are some of my comments…

No truth, mercy or knowledge of God.  Truth provides stability, certainty, trustworthiness.  The truth of the Lord through the Word plants you so you won’t be tossed about by the wind or waves.  Mercy involves kindness, toward others because of your piety toward God.  There is a beauty in mercy.  Knowledge of God implies much time and care has been taken to study, observe, recognize, receive instruction from, and basically have a real relationship with the supreme God of all creation.  Israel had completely abandoned all three and so walked in lies, ruthlessness, and did not even acknowledge the existence of God showing no fear of His judgement.  As a result everyone and everything in the land would be affected negatively.  The old excuse, “it won’t hurt anyone,” is not accurate.

God calls us to holiness not because He’s a hard task master, but because He knows walking in His grace is best for us. 

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