Carl began his radio career with a high school broadcasting class in 1984 (if you don’t count the record player, microphone and cassette recorder he played with for years at home).
His first gig was with KAVL in Lancaster, CA running Dodger games followed by voicing newscasts and playing music until midnight. One of the guys he met while there was Jeff Ryan who later moved to program a station across town and invited Carl to follow.
The second gig under the leadership and mentorship of Jeff Ryan was with KKZZ / KHJJ spinning elevator music and Classic Hits! Under the disguise of “Bill Peters” Carl voice tracked the morning show on KKZZ and attempted his best “Boss Jock” afternoons on “Classic Hits KHJ”. Jeff gave Carl the titles of PSA / News Director and Music Director even though most of the work was already accomplished by the AP wire and a service that sent pre-selected songs on reel to reel tapes! But Carl did learn a lot there including formatting music clocks and getting his feet wet in the world of spot production. He also got his first experience in format change, becoming the evening announcer for the new AC format station, K-MIX. Jeff had taken over the broadcasting class and Carl aided in training the students. Clay Roe was one of the students Carl hung out with. Later Clay would join Carl for a short stint at KDAR as “Ray Roman”. Clay would eventually end up at KFI in Los Angeles as a program producer and eventually the Imaging Director!
Keith Valenzuela was the Operations Director at Christian Radio KAVC in Rosamond and had come over to work part time at KHJJ in the news department. He invited Carl to come out of the darkness and into the marvelous light of playing music for the Lord! So Carl joined Keith and continued to grow in production and announcing as well as directing music with much more freedom to experiment. Matt Mitchell was also an announcer there who would later become the morning announcer for KDAR under Jeff Crabtree who joined KAVC as GM but soon moved to Oxnard CA. Matt began Joyful Noise a very successful mobile DJ business in Southern California as well as becoming the Music Director for The Fish in LA. When Keith left for Focus on the Family, Carl had applied for Keith’s position but was passed up for someone with a little more maturity. After attempting to join KAIM in Honolulu without success, Carl followed Jeff and Matt to Ventura County.
KDAR proved to be a place to learn and grow in radio production as well as people skills (learning what to and what not to do or say, sadly by often putting his foot in his mouth). Carl was hired as Production Director and afternoon drive host and eventually became the Music and Program Director. Carl hired Brian Toohey who wanted to learn radio after leaving the Air Force and eventually became the Program Director serving for over 20 years!
Here is some vintage audio from 1992 – 2007 from Carl’s time at KDAR and Christian Financial Concepts / Crown Financial Ministries.

AFR production sample…

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